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Q: Where does a ZX Auto vehicle get serviced?

A: Every dealer will have a workshop where the vehicles can be serviced. We also belong to the RMI (Retail Motor Industry Organisation) workshop network with over 200 workshops countrywide. To search for a RMI workshop in your area, click here:

Q: Are there ZX Auto parts available in South Africa?

A: Our parts are warehoused by Parts Support which has a distribution network throughout South Africa via UTI. All workshops and dealers will have easy access to this distribution chain.

Q: What is homologation?

A: Homologation is the process whereby NRCS (SABS) confirm that vehicles conform to all required safety and legislative requirements in force in South Africa as promoted in various government gazettes. This is a very strict test to see if any vehicle range is safe and fit for the SA market and standards.

Q: Are the ZX Auto ranges homologated?

A: Yes. All our vehicles are fit for the SA market. We are proud that all our vehicles passed the test with honours.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes. All our vehicles have the ZX Auto Warranty and Roadside Assistance included. This warranty is a 3 years or 100,000km plan. The roadside assistance is done by SOS. Extended warranties and maintenance plans are also available.
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